Pedro, Danny and Greyson on top at Sosh Freestyle Cup!

 The Sosh Freestyle Cup hosted by ISU is one of the best events in Europe. The week begins with an amazing party full of friends, fun and great skateboarding at the world famous Parc Du Prado in Marseille, France. The locals and the crowd were very hospitable as skaters from over 15 countries descended upon the beachfront village and gave it their all for 4 consecutive days. The qualifiers started with 33 skaters on the first day, and it was an all out battle for the riders to try to make the cut to 20 the next day. Some of the gnarliest tricks went down! After the dust settled and the sun went down, the BSM and ISU crews had amazing dinners at Le Greenwich restaurant, Merci Kristof! The village was packed every night with the skaters and locals, and the camaraderie was unmatched. The second day saw the quarter finals hosting the top 20 guys, and the skating was off the charts. The crowd cheered and screamed for their local riders, and the international field of skaters took it to the limit. Another free after party complete with food, fun, and great friends lasted late into the night.

The final day of the event was one that will live forever. The top 10 skaters went to battle like Roman gladiators and some of the craziest, gnarliest, most incredible skating that has ever gone down at this park lasted well into the after noon. The judges had the top 6 guys go to the Ultra final. These 6 skaters were some of the best bowl riders on the planet, and the final was no joke. 15 minutes of some of the most amazing skateboarding to ever happen. Trick after trick, air after air, over, under, transfers, heavy metal music cranked up to 11. It was the kind of final that makes your jaw drop to the floor and leave you speechless. At one point there was 4 riders in the air at the same moment, and time seemed to go in slow motion as the huge crowd screamed at the top of their lungs, and the riders took it to the max 110%. Pedro Barros was declared the winner, but at an event like this one there were no losers, only brothers in arms, wizards casting spells, and a crew that is as tight as any. The final after party was full of fun and friends and lasted until the break of dawn. Merci beaucuop to the BSM crew, the brothers Mouss, The ISU crew, the riders from all over the world, and the city of Marseille for basically letting us do whatever we wanted for a week straight.

Emile G Janicot Announcer


Pro Final results

1. Pedro Barros          5000 EUR

2. Danny Leon            4000

3. Greyson Fletcher    3000

4. Vincent Matheron    2000

5. Bjørn Lillesøe          1000

6. Stéphane Boussac  750


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