Good times in Nimes for Denim Cup / Ridexpo 2014!

The city of Nimes is an amazing place founded by the Romans in the 1st Century AD. Its quaint tightly packed streets and beautiful Coliseum are some of the most picturesque in all of Europe. This was the site for the Denim Cup and Ride Expo 2014. The weekend started off perfectly with a huge party for all the riders with killer French food and wine. The park is brand new and is a great mix of street and bowls with an awesome snake run that connects them both. Many of the riders that were at the Marseille event were here, and a reunion of sorts made the event that much better. Saturday was the qualifying day with over 35 ams and over 30 pros. The skating was amazing and some tricks went down that had never been done before at the park. It was an all day event and lasted until just before dark. Earlier that day The Mayor of Nimes arrived with his entourage and he greeted all the riders and made quite an excellent speech thanking everyone for coming. I was super stoked to meet him and he ended up giving me a bunch of free tickets to the festival at the coliseum that night in Nimes. Who was playing the festival you might ask? ZZ TOP!!! It was so rad. 20 of us at the ancient arena where they used to have gladiator battles watching one of classic rocks' best bands. Killer.

The next day started off with perfect weather as it had rained a bit the night before so the park was perfectly cleaned. The sun was shining and the skating was off the charts! The top 10 riders in street and bowl battled it out and then the top 4 riders went to each respective finals. The street was dominated by local French riders who had all kinds of tech and gnarly tricks. The finals of the bowl were highly anticipated and a huge crowd of locals showed up and cheered for their local riders. Daniel Cardone didn't make the cut but had a huge kickflip in the bowl that got the crowd super hyped! In the end Pedro Barros took his second consecutive win and pulled back to back to back 540's in the deep bowl. The crowed went ballistic. Just like the last event it really didn't matter who won, everyone had an amazing time, met new friends, and loved every minute of it. Much thanks to Kristof, Stef, Chou, and all the people of Nimes for letting us blow up their beautiful city! Another amazing week in France!!!

Merci Beaucoup!!!!

Emile G Janicot



Bowl Top 4

1. Pedro Barros            4000 Euro

2. Alex Hallford             2500

3. Vincent Matheron     1500

4. Robin Bolian              900



Street Top 4

1. Maxime Genin          2000 Euro

2. Aurelien Giraud        1000

3. Victor Pellegrin         700

4. Julien Merour            550



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DENIM CUP BEST OF - BOWL FINALS from Old Skullz Skateboard on Vimeo.