20th Annual Excelent Mystic Sk8 Cup!

The 20th anniversary of the Mystic Cup in Prague, Czech Republic

This event has been going strong for 20 years, and the production crew spared no expense this year. The weekend started off with a huge welcome party for all the riders on a barge on the river with a mini ramp on it. Amazing! Riders like Pedro Barros, two time winner Austen Seaholm, Tyler Hendley, and many more arrived to Prague geared up for an Excellent weekend. Raddick and his ramp crew spent the last 2 months building a brand new bowl and a brand new street course that is the largest in Europe. Every rider had nothing but good things to say about the course, and the first day saw over 60 European qualifiers skate for over 5 hours. The level of skating was intense, with every rider banging out trick after switch trick after gnarly trick. The top 29 made the cut for the next day, but it wasn't an easy feat as every skater had their eye on the huge cash prize. Each night in the festival village there were different bands and all kinds of killer booths with bars, food, products, and of course Excelent beer! Thomas spared no expense and hired the best speakers and sound system in Europe, and the live sound was absolutely amazing!

The next day had the semi finals of bowl and street, and the skating was off the chain! Riders from over 25 different countries represented skateboarding in a way that was positive, uplifting, and totally gnarly. Every rider had a different approach to the course and bowl and the judges definitely had their work cut out for them. The MC's Dave Duncan and Michal Cejka, killed it on the mic all weekend long and had the crowd of over 4000+ people cheering and yelling at the top of their lungs! The scores were tabulated and the results were posted, as the day wore on the night began to settle in on the huge festival on Stvanice Island along the river in the middle of Prague! The bands Dirty Fences, and Skindred killed it that night with over 5,000 people watching and one of the gnarliest mosh pits I have ever seen! The music goes on all night long and the beer flows like the river, heavy and huge. Another amazing day with memories that will last a lifetime.

The final day of the Mystic Cup saw some of the raddest skateboarding I have ever seen. Street and Bowl finals as well as the Legends bowl went off like a roman candle! The legends bowl was a highlight of the event with riders from many different countries like Chris Senn, Hosoi, Hackett, Olson, Ngoho, and Sean Goff. Many of these guys have been skating for over 30 years and the crowd showed the appreciation for sure. The bowl finals were intense as the top 10 riders destroyed it, and Alex Sorgente emerged the winner after one of the craziest finals heats to have ever gone down. The street finals were like a rock concert complete with lights, lazers, and music. Martin Pek the Czech local took the win, and the crowd went ballistic! The skating was some of the most tech and gnarly that has ever happened at the park, and there will be tales of this day for many years to come. As the dust settled and the final night crept in, the party rocked into full swing and more than 10,000 people packed the festival and raged not only all night long but until 1pm the next day! Its impossible to know how much fun and how many good times were had this weekend, but surely I will remember this weekend for the rest of my life. Big thanks to the ISU crew, The Ramp crew, the MC's, the judges, the scaffolding crew, the village workers, all the riders from around the world, the bands, and of course Thomas for putting on one of the raddest most dedicated skateboard only festivals in all the world.

Emile G Janicot
Announcer and Judge


Street Top 5

1. Martin Pek        $6000

2. Richard Tury      $3000

3. Ryo Sejiri           $2000

4. Vincent Milou     $1200

5. Tomas Vintr       $1000


Ladies Street Top 5

1. Leticia Bufoni     $2000

2. Julia Brueckler    $1000

3. Candy Jacobs     $700

4. Petra Hrasova     $500

5. Eugenia Ginepro  $400


Bowl Top 5

1. Alex Sorgente      $3000

2. Pedro Barros        $1500

3. Danny Leon         $1000

4. Greyson Fletcher  $750

5. Mason Merlino     $450


Legends Top 5

1. Christian Hosoi     $2000

2. Pat Ngoho            $1000

3. Sean Goff             $700

4. Dave Duncan        $500

5. Chris Senn            $400


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The Complete 20th Annual Mystic Sk8 Cup video wrap up!

EXCELENT MYSTIC SK8 CUP 2014 HIGHLIGHT from Mystic Skates on Vimeo.


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