Ngoho, Barros on Top in Getxo!

As the sun settled on Arrigunaga Beach, Getxo, the celebrations marked a day of insane bowl shredding, at the inaugural Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA Getxo 2014.
Legendary pool skater Pat Ngoho edged out the competition, to emerge the winner of the Volcom BOWl-A-RAMA MASTERS title.         19 year-old Volcom and Red Bull rider Pedro Barros continued his winning streak, landing the Volcom BOWL-A-RAMA PRO title, followed closely by Alex Sorgente and local Spanish rider Danny Leon.
Felipe Foguinho and Omar Hassan blew everyone away taking the Pro-Tec best trick contest and split the 500EURO.

We have to thank Volcom, Getxo, Pro-Tec, Red Bull, Kako's Skate Shop, Iluna Bar, Algorta Skate Club and all of the locals for helping to make this event such a success.

If the ever-growing crowds aren’t proof enough, the consistent return of internationally renowned skateboarders has seen the International Skateboarders Union (ISU) sanctioned BOWL-A-RAMA competitions, gain reputation as the premier core skate series in the world.



1. Pedro Barros            $4800 USD

2. Alex Sorgente           $2500

3. Danny Leon              $2000

4. Felipe Foguinho       $1800

5. Cory Juneau             $1500


 Masters Top 5

1. Pat Ngoho                $2000 USD

2. Sean Goff                 $1600

3. Steve Alba                $1400

4. Txus Dominguez     $1200

5. Sergie Ventura        $1000


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