Jono Schawn takes the win at Hurley Beach Bowl 2015

Nine days of non-stop action on Manly beach wrapped today with the skate finals of the PROs and MASTERs divisions in the Hurley Australian Open of Surfing Beach Bowl.   With the oldest rider in the PRO Finals only 22 years of age, it was the next generation of skate ripping up the bowl.
A few names were in the mix of favourites heading into the last day; they included reigning champ Pedro Barros  (BRA), Alex Sorgente (USA) and Sam Beckett (UK), but by day’s end Jono Schwan had taken home the top prize, as well as taking out the Surf Dive 'n' Ski Highest Air.
One of the hardest tricks to conquer in a bowl and to wrap up the day was Rob Lorifice with a kickflip over the hip to backside 50/50.
Schwan, who learnt all his techniques skating Prahan in Melbourne, Australia, came out swinging with a host of difficult 540 variations, an alley oop indy heelflip through the elbow, then pulled out 720s in two of his runs. He finished 9th at Manly last year and stepped it up this year. You couldn’t debate Schwan’s performance. His win was well and truly deserved.
If that isn’t enough Schwan wrapped the comp with a 10" foot method air – to win the SDS High Air comp.
“It’s awesome, I love skating the bowl it’s my favourite combo between vert and an actual pool. The level of riding this year was just so strong, so many guys pushing it. The whole final session was just an awesome to watch and being able to skate right on the beach with the most amazing skater and crowd was awesome! Said Schwan.
Second place went to Alex Sorgente, one man who has just continued to get more and more powerful, taking it all the way to the buzzer with a perfect ollie 540 at the bell on his last run to sum it up. Sorgente’s second run included one of the longest grinds we’ve seen all week, over the hip and all the way through the corner. He held on for the full 35 seconds in his third run, nailing a perfect cabalerial and finishing with a big frontside disaster.

Pedro Barros, the Brazilian phenom second run was more of the Pedro we know – nothing but a full speed attack. He threw in two 540s in every run, almost taking off the tiles – stomping it hard. Runs three through five included a jaw-dropping stalefish 540, stacks more 540 variations and a cool front blunt to finish his final run and throwing in a front blunt to smith blunt, one if the most unbelievable tricks of the comp.
The Masters title was won by Brazil-USA transplant, Bruno Passos. Passos was a clear stand out for this year, he went the longest the fastest and he was the most technical long feeble grinds, mixed it up with backside tail slides, a stale fish over the hip and of course, his hurricane grind was a definite highlight.
Sean Goff taking out second was a defiant stand out, not only MCing the comp he threw in a number of signature moves including an alley-oop lipslide and Todd twist over the hip.
Pat Ngoho, the super-stylish legend showed up everyone by pulling out one of the longest board slides of the week, Ngoho always has the best style and reminds everyone the heritage where bowl skating actually came from, Venice Beach California.


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